FINEST EGO | Radio with Soosh on BLN.FM

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Gordon Gieseking and Malte Tarnow on Radio BLN.FM. ▸▸ Every second Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday of the month (February, 12th – 8pm / 13th – 9pm / 17th – 10PM CET).

Soosh aka Soroosh Khavari was born in Iran, escaping to Scotland fleeing persecution when a year old with his family. Taking a year out from his job as a dentist, Soosh went travelling and found his niche in BC, Canada. Armed with a tape recorder, sampler, couple of synthesizers and an overflowing heart, there he finally managed to finish his first works.
After EP appearances on numerous labels, the artists’ debut long player ‘Colour is Breathe‘ on Error Broadcast explores the folds that fuse textural ambience and humanised beats, whilst adding a euphoric pop-twist.
Sooshs’ trademark low-swung hip hop beats and organic instrumentation is countered and enhanced by moments of dreamy and endearing delicacy. ‘Colour is Breathe‘ is both intricate and intimate; its wispy notes and pastel melodies at times make the album a headphone affair. Equally, however, these are songs to be shared on discerning dance floors as slow, organic dance music.

The show includes acts like Soosh, Kixnare, Ta-Ku, Kidkanevil, Daisuke Tanabe, KRTS, Cokiyu, Singing Statues, Bnjmn, Shigeto, Hazeem, Kiyoko, Synkro, Bering Strait, Teebs, Submerse, Sorrow, Sieren, Memotone, Memoosh, Amatorski, and many more…

Finest Ego | Radio with Soosh on BLN.FM

01. Kixnare – Gucci Dough [Forthcoming, U Know Me Records]
02. Ta-Ku – Ginger And The Ghost [Unreleased]
03. Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe – Ghostgirl (KRTS Remix) [Free Dwnld, Project: Mooncircle]
04. Cokiyu – Drag the Beast (Shigeto Remix) [Flau Records]
05. Singing Statues (Bnjmn) – Persian Prince 7″ [Astro:Dynamics]
06. Hazeem – Samadhi Dub [Self-Released]
07. Kiyoko – Track 3 [Samurai Music]
08. Submerse – Dim Lights and Meteorites (featuring Sorrow) [Forthcoming, Project: Mooncircle]
09. Teebs – For Phil [Self Released]
10. Sieren – Break of Dawn [Forthcoming, Finest Ego / Project: Mooncircle]
Soosh Interview
11. Soosh – Chrous Dream [Forthcoming, Error Broadcast]
12. Soosh – As Forever [Unreleased]
13. Soosh – Light Shadow [Forthcoming, Error Broadcast]
14. Soosh – Touched [Forthcoming, Error Broadcast]
15. Soosh – Just Breathe [Forthcoming, Error Broadcast]
16. Memoosh (Soosh & Memotone) – Part I [Project: Mooncircle]
Soosh Interview End
17. Amatorski – Tiny Bird [LC Music]

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