FINEST EGO | Radio with Jay Scarlett, Julien Mier & Kyson on BLN.FM

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Gordon Gieseking and Malte Tarnow on Radio BLN.FM. ▸▸ Every second Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday of the month (June, 11th – 8pm / 12th – 9pm / 16th – 10PM CET).

Jay Scarlett:
Jay has been a maniac record collector since he was a Teenager and stepped into music production in 2000. Soon after, he became DJ for the infamous UK FutureSoul group Spacek. Jay also released the highly applauded ‘Beat Dimensions” compilation series alongside Amsterdam’s Cinnaman, featuring artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Danny Breaks, Mike Slott, Fulgeance, Sa-Ra, Paul White, Exile, Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Onra & Pursuit Grooves amongst many others. Jay is also well known known for his label Ubeat Records and his Samurai FM radio show ‘AmpSoul’.

Kyson is one of those artists who has always seen electronic music as the platform through which he feels most comfortable explaining himself, projecting his imagination, his musical narratives, and the imagery that constantly churns through his head. It’s the story of many young, modern musicians – they recycle, re-pitch, warp and sample the electronic sound scape that has surrounded them throughout their formative years, and they insert their own voice into the ever-growing discourse that is today’s musical sphere. An early lover of hip-hop and sampled records, Kyson became a student of music in Sydney, Australia. Honing his skills in sound design, recording and mastering, he has since embarked on a journey to discover his own unique path toward self-expression. He has spent years traveling the world – embracing and documenting the images and sounds of pristine snow covered mountains, the chaos and cacophony of some of the world’s largest cities, and the peaceful, leafy and sun-drenched comfort of the suburbs in his home town. Distance between friends, family and loved-ones; memories of places once visited; images viewed through the lens of a camera; the sound of a bargain bin record bought in some far-flung corner of our ever-shrinking globe. These are Kyson’s inspirations, his motivation, and the filter through which his music must be heard.

Julien Mier:
Julien is a young composer and producer from the Netherlands, known for his eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres. His signature is this width approach of fragmented melodies, packed in a palette of, sometimes almost waterfall kind of textures and dreamy, melancholic stories.
In case it’s not obvious, Julien as a kid was raised on Captain Beefheart, Mouse on Mars, Sugarcubes, Brian Eno and Sigur Ros. In a peaceful little village in the dunes called Santpoort, where he had years of classical training before moving on to the digital realm. But inspired by nature as well as improvisation he utilizes a wide variety of samples and acoustic instruments along with the more electronic elements. What also informs his music is a lifelong talent for lucid dreaming. An example he cites is the trumpet of a death march… a concrete thought that quickly steers wildly out of context.

The show includes acts like Jay Scarlett, Kyson, Julien Mier, Cluekid, Daixie, Deft, Hanami, Indian Wells, Pedestrian, PYUR, Rain Dog, Tendts, Xxanaxx and many more…

Finest Ego | Radio with Jay Scarlett, Julien Mier & Kyson on BLN.FM

01. Cluekid – Spider Monkey [Boxclever]
02. Deft – Heart [Unreleased]
03. PYUR & Rain Dog – Untitled [Unreleased]
04. Xxanaxx – Broken Hope [Forthcoming, U Know Me]
05. Pedestrian – Hoyle Road [BornElectric]
Jay Scarlett, Julien Mier & Kyson Interview
06. Jay Scarlett – Slide Away [Project: Mooncircle]
07. Julien Mier – Ever Lonely [Lowriders Collective]
08. Kyson – July, December, March (Indian Wells Remix) [Moodgadget]
09. Julien Mier – Light Footed [Lowriders Collective]
10. Kyson – Remi [Moodgadget]
11. Kyson – Winters Here [Unreleased]
Jay Scarlett, Julien Mier & Kyson Interview End
12. Tendts – No [Forthcoming, Project: Mooncircle]
13. Hanami – Fruition [Forthcoming, Project: Mooncircle]
14. Daixie – Benoit [Forthcoming, Project: Mooncircle]

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