Finest Ego | Interviews: Djrum

London‘s Djrum had a fantastic 2013 with the release of his album “Seven Lies” on 2nddrop and various other compilation contributions and remixes throughout the course of the year. We sat down with him to talk about how he wants to end the year and his approach to producing and performing.


Finest Ego | Interviews Kyson & Julien Mier

Before their recent show in Berlin, we sat down with Australian and Dutch producers Kyson and Julien Mier, who also made the latest Monthly Mix, to speak about their projects, live-shows and their upcoming and just released records on Lowriders Collective and Friends of Friends.


Finest Ego | Interviews Om Unit

We had the chance to meet with Om Unit before he played a set at Prince Charles and sat down with him in the grungy backstage room to talk about some of his latest releases, travelling & touring, his take on collaborations, and a change of names.


Finest Ego | Interviews fLako

Enjoy an interview with fLako from his last show at Altes Wettbuero in Dresden! After a visit at the beautiful, medieval Christmas Market he told us about his recent releases and upcoming projects.


Finest Ego | Interviews Robot Koch and John LaMonica

We interviewed Robot Koch and John LaMonica before their amazing show at Robot Koch’s “The Other Side” Release Party at Panke last Saturday. Unfortunately, the material was unusable so we met them again and talked about what the guys expect in their future and how their cooperation came about.

Thanks to Editude Pictures for capturing the atmosphere of the party so well in their video:


Finest Ego | Interviews Paul White & Mo Kolours

After their show on the “Arena” stage of the Satta Outside Festival, we met Paul White & Mo Kolours to speak about Paul’s album “Rapping With Paul White” on One Handed Music, Mo Kolour’s work and what plans they both have for the near future.


Finest Ego | Interviews Kelpe

During this years Satta Outside Festival in Šventoji, Lithuania, we spoke with Kelpe about past releases, his approach to cover artworks and future plans.


Finest Ego | Interviews Mike Gao

Mike Gao from LA stayed with us for a while so we took the chance to talk about his upcoming project with Daisuke Tanabe (Finest Ego | Faces 12″ Series Volume 2) and his app-magic for I-Pad and I-Phone.


Finest Ego | Interviews Laurent Fintoni & Daisuke Tanabe

Nature loving meeting with Laurent Fintoni of Rhythm Incursions (London) and the japanese multifaceted producer Daisuke Tanabe!


Finest Ego | Interviews Mondayjazz & Brokenchord

We met the members of the legendary platform Mondayjazz (with Justas Fresh, Tadas Bro & Tadas Quazar) & Brokenchord from Lithuania!


Finest Ego | Interviews DZA

For our fourth Interview, Dza, from Moscow, Russia, stopped by at Panke to play one of our Monthly Trips and present his Supershark EP, so we took the chance to talk to him about the difference between playing at large festivals versus small clubs, his future plans and some other bullshit for anyone who “never shirks school“.


Finest Ego | Interviews Shigeto

We met the multitalented and sympathetic Shigeto from Brooklyn, NYC, to talk about the importance of touring and being a live artists, right before he played an incredible show in Berlin.


Finest Ego | Interviews 1000 Names

This time we met the two bulgarian lunatics Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes, aka 1000 Names, for a short but amusing interview.


Finest Ego | Interviews Fulgeance

We sat down with the charismatic French Beatmaker Fulgeance before his show at Panke in Berlin last Saturday and talked about his creative approach to producing music and the difference to playing live in front of a crowd.

Thanks to the Panke Fam!