Ego Trips #810: XXYYXX – About You [Dream Koala & Yuki Remix]

Dream Koala & Yuki provide this eight minute long mash up of XXYYXX’s About You” dropping an unexpected swing into the mix, with tampered vocals and a fluid contemporary drum arrangement, taking the original to new darker depths.


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Releases: FlyGoon – Walks (Digital/MC, Self-Released, 2014)

FlyGoon is a young Norwegian producer from Oslo. On his 7 track EP he uses organic sounds that melt into slow ambient tunes. Indeed the biggest flaw is the track length at times that prevents the tracks from growing and evolving further. Nevertheless if you see “Walks” as an attempt to capture the vibe of brief moments, it’s pretty enjoyable and a good free release from an quite gifted young artist. Limited edition tape via bandcamp!

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Releases: MTMT – Rain In Kerala (Digital, Self-Released, 2014)

Julian Jaschke, a young talented musician from Cologne, Germany, who changed his name from Jimbo Matsumoto to MTMT, recently released his new energetic and powerful EP “Rain In Kerala” on his bandcamp page. MTMT is still looking for his own sound, so feel free to give him some feedback if you like this release. It’s definitely worth a listen!

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Releases: Myamo & Ganju – Slow Down (Digital, Mad-Hop, 2014)

The latest release on Polish Mad-Hop label features Hungarian producer Myamo and Ganju from Ukraine.

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Ego Trips #809: Ki:Theory – Open Wound (ODESZA Remix) [Free Download]

ODESZA created this summery and wicked remix for Ki:Theory from Richmond. If you like this type of music you can download the album “Kitty Hawk” from Ki:Theory’s Website for free.

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Videos: Mo Kolours – Little Brown Dog (Official Video, One-Handed Music, 2014)

From Mo Kolours‘ debut album ‘Mo Kolours‘, out now on One-Handed Music.

Directed by Mo Kolours
Animation and Stuff: Plastic Horse
Filmed Mostly By: Jeen Bassa
Guest Starring: Poppy

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Exclusive Stream: kidkanevil ‘Inakunaru Feat. Phasma’ (My Little Ghost – Project: Mooncircle / flau, May 9th 2014) via Resident Advisor

Exclusive premiere of the song ‘Inakunaru‘ by kidkanevil featuring Phasma at Resident Advisor. His album My Little Ghost is coming out on the 9th of May on Project: Mooncircle.

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