5 Interesting Family Recreation Park in Medan Indonesia

Medan is the third largest metropolitan city after Surabaya. This city is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. The Batak tribe dominates the population of Medan. Famous destinations in this city include Brastagi, Maimun Palace, Sipiso-piso Waterfall and many other famous destinations.

Like other big cities in Indonesia, Medan also has a tourist destination in the form of parks. In Medan, several parks are often visited by local residents to spend their holidays. Those who want to relax with friends and family can come to these parks. Find out more about park attractions in Medan below.

  • Sri Deli Taman Park

Taman Sri Deli is closely related to the Maimun Palace sultanate. Formerly this park was a playground for the residents of the Sri Deli Palace. That’s why this park got the name Taman Sri Deli. The location of this park is opposite the Grand Mosque in the Maimun area.

Sri Deli is one of the tourist attractions chosen by many Medan people for recreation. Usually Sri Deli Park looks crowded when entering the fasting month. The reason is that the highway that separates Taman Sri Deli and the Grand Mosque is usually filled with food and clothing vendors.

  • Banyan Garden

Taman Beringin is an urban forest which is also known as Taman Sudirman . This park has public facilities for relaxing and playing for the people of Medan. In addition, this park also has a function as a green open space in the city of Medan. Interestingly, the Banyan Park was built as a symbol of the friendship between Medan and the United States. The manager of this park is the Medan City Government.

Green Open Space serves to absorb carbon dioxide as well as produce oxygen. The nickname Taman Banyan is given because in the park, there is a large banyan tree. In addition to the banyan tree, you can also see a fountain pool located in the middle of the city. There are 20 types of plants that grow in this garden with an area of ​​​​about 12,219 m2.

Meanwhile, the banyan tree that is the hallmark of this park grows in every corner of the park. Generally, this park is visited by residents of the city of Medan. Don’t forget to bring your children when you come here because there are various children’s games that can be used for free. Even this park is a place for discussion for several communities in Medan.

The facilities at the Banyan Park are quite complete such as prayer rooms, trash cans placed in every corner, toilets, and children’s games, such as swivel chairs, slides, climbing ladders, mini adventures and others.

  • Scout Cadika Park

Initially this park was a place for scout education located in the city of Medan. But now this park has changed its function into a city park that is comfortable, beautiful and clean. The facilities owned by this park are quite complete, starting from prayer rooms, toilets, jogging tracks and playgrounds for children and adults. This park also has instagrammable spots in the form of ponds and suspension bridges.

Activities that visitors can do are flying fox, outbound training, paintball games for adults. For children, there are games such as seesaws, swings and houses. Of course, the Cadika Pramuka park is ideal for a family recreation area.

  • Ahmad Yani Park

Ahmad Yani Park is located in Jalan Imam Bonjol, Medan Maimun District. This tourist destination is an alternative recreation place for the community because of the many facilities available. Even this park is classified as child-friendly because there are playgrounds for children. In addition to children’s playgrounds, this park also has sports facilities. Therefore Ahmad Yani Park is the choice of residents to exercise. In addition, this park is also equipped with prayer rooms, Wi-Fi, and a mini theater stage panggung

  • The Le Hu Garden Medan

Le Hu Garden is a park that the government does not manage. Originally this park was owned by the Hu family. This family house has a large yard that makes people then come because the garden looks attractive.

After becoming a tourist spot, this park was also developed to be bigger by adding new rides and complementary facilities. Now here there are lakes and ponds, the park is getting wider, and a children’s playground.

This park was also developed to preserve rare plants. So you will find various types of flowers in this garden. This colorful garden makes it pleasing to the eye. Every corner in this park has an instagrammable photo spot.

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