Affiliate Channels to promote products

Now that you have defined the market niche and already know where to find products to join, it is time to choose the channels to work on promoting the products. The ideal is that you diversify and work in more than one channel, so you can increase your earnings.

The more channels, the more sales

However, it is good to go slow and start with just one. After you’re converting and generating results, proceed to the next channel. 

A tip: if you want results faster, start with the YouTube channel.

But always remember, content marketing does not generate results overnight and you need to be consistently consistent.

YouTube Channel

We are starting the year and one of the big trends for 2020 is videos. The audiovisual format tends to grow and is a good option for affiliate marketing. So, if you don’t already have a YouTube channel, the time is now. Some relevant data on video consumption:

  • 79% of consumers prefer to watch a video than read a text in an article
  • 84% of consumers were convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video
  • 91% of consumers watched an explanatory video to learn more about a product or service

Blog from scratch

Many people ask if it is important to have a blog and if it still works.

We’ll ask you a question: do you do Google search?

Do a search and see the amount of blog articles that appear in the results. Yes, blog works and it is important that you have one. Imagine that with every blog article you have the possibility to place an affiliate link, this is excellent. In addition, on the blog you can collect very qualified leads.

Google is a network of intent, meaning people are actively searching for something. If she is researching, it means that she has an interest in what she researches. So, if she enters your blog and subscribes to receive a digital reward, for example, she becomes a lead. You can see their reviews by clicking here.

A qualified lead

E-mail marketing

Here is the same type of question, does email marketing still work?

According to the 2020 Rock Content survey, 76.7% of companies use email marketing. Email is still a recurring and widely used marketing strategy. With email you can nurture your leads and send product offers, or even take them to your YouTube channel.

Social networks

Social networks are widely used by people. So, it’s a channel that you should be on perhaps less to make sales and more to build and maintain a relationship with your audience. The closer you are to your audience and make them participate in your daily life, the more qualified they become.