Benefits of Nicorette

Nicorette is a company that makes products for nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine is a habit-forming constituent present in tobacco and cigarettes. Intake of tobacco and habit of cigarette smoking increases the level of nicotine in the body. A person becomes habitual in maintaining that level in the body. Whenever the level of nicotine decreases in the body, it urges to have tobacco or to do smoking to regain that level. If one wants to quit the habit of smoking or tobacco chewing, he or she would need to have strong willpower and a backup support system. Nicotine chewing gum acts as a backup support system for quitting these habits. There are a lot of benefits of Nicorette, which are discussed as follows:

  1. Helps reduce the symptoms- As nicotine is habit forming constituent. Quitting the habit of smoking or tobacco chewing causes a lot of symptoms like more urge to eat, confusion in doing things, irritating behavior, very highs and lows of mood, feeling restless, unable to concentrate on things or matters, forgetfulness, etc. When a person starts taking Nicorette, a certain level of nicotine is maintained in the body through its intake, and this craving for smoking or chewing tobacco is reduced slowly and slowly.

2 Alternate for smoking prohibited areas- Nicorette can be used in public places where smoking is not allowed. The urge of smoking can be replaced by chewing Nicorette gum. One should be careful not to smoke and chew Nicorette at the same time but should use only one.

3 Effective and beneficial –The use of Nicorette is very beneficial in quitting the addiction to nicotine by tobacco chewing or smoking when used in the right way. Nicorette should not be used as ordinary gum, to avail its maximum benefits. It should be chewed 1 or 2 times and then kept on the side of the cheek and in between can be chewed ad kept on the side.  Nothing else should be drunk in between and one should also not eat anything before and after 15 minutes.  If one follows the instructions and is regular in taking Nicorette in a prescribed manner, one would be able to win the situation definitely.

4 Follow up – For the effectiveness of the medicine, there is a proper module to be followed. Higher intake is prescribed initially and is decreased gradually. In case of any complication, one must consult the doctor. In this replacement therapy, one may fail during 1st attempt but is, definitely successful, during the next attempt.

  1. Promotes energy- Nicotine is a drug that promotes brain electrical activities thus boosting alertness, focus, etc. This also improves motor functions of the brain like cognitive performance, attention, etc. Nicotine makes the brain function better, thus enabling the person to do more activities or work that requires focus.

Intake of Nicorette is a very effective solution to quit the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco. One must start it under the special supervision of a doctor or chemist. The doctor or chemist should be informed about any kind of ongoing ailment like skin allergy, dental problem, heart problem, or any other medical condition while taking Nicorette prescription. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should also not take this prescription and they should avoid the intake of tobacco or smoking cigarettes for the safety of the infant. To avail the benefits completely, the doctor should also be informed about any kind of allergy one is prone to, and should also be informed about medicinal intake already being in use so that might not interfere with the salts present in replacement therapy medicine.

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