Can Delays at Customs Clearance Be Avoided?

The documentation related to the imports is one of the major causes of why most of the shipments are delayed. If there is anything missing in the paperwork or if it is incorrect or sloppy, the CBSA might delay the shipment clearance. They will be looking at your documentation twice, and that will be the prime reason for the delay. If you are an importer, you must know your legal obligations perfectly. With this, the import process will be streamlined, and costly delays can be avoided. 

Here’s how you can avoid unnecessary delays:

  • You must thoroughly understand all the legal obligations coming under Canadian legislation. You will ultimately be responsible as an importer of the particulars of your shipment. You should know the licenses and permits needed for the goods within your shipment, even before it arrives at the border.
  • You might need the help and support of an experienced and competent customs broker. It is necessary to build strong relationships with the supply chain partners to ensure the smooth passage of the goods.
  • The employees who are liaising with the suppliers in case of any import needs must be trained right away. Only training will help them have the right knowledge about compliance.
  • The foreign suppliers must comply with the obligations. This way, they will be able to provide the adequate documentation needed for the shipments to pass. This involves commercial invoices, packing slips, certificates of origin, certifications or other compliance documents that are applicable.
  • You must ensure that all the documents that you are providing are legitimate. If you are submitting any unclear documents, the customs will also face difficulty in reading and deciphering them. Hence, it is best to provide documents with clear text.
  • You must clearly know and specify the origin country of the goods. If this information is incorrect, it will raise further suspicion in the minds of the customs officials. If the documentation is incomplete, it might also attract penalties.
  • It is advisable to pay all the amounts related to taxes and duties. If you are the importer, you must have a fair knowledge of the ones that are applied to your shipment and should pay them promptly.

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