Few Renowned Places In Bangkok Will Make Your Partner Happy

Everyone wants to spend quality time with their loved ones to add sweetness to the relationship. A place where there are innumerable activities like dining out, movie theatre, shopping and also a play area is the best destination to spend some joyful moments for couples. So in Bangkok there are few dating places in bkk (สถานที่เดทกับแฟนในกรุงเทะ, which is the term in Thai) which will provide you these facilities and are active for 24 hours a day.

What Are The Places?

Firstly, we will talk about the Street Ratchada shopping mall, which is open for 24 hours where the couple can have dinner, watch a movie or go shopping. The disc is active at night so that the couples can groove. So, if you have visited Bangkok, then this mall must be on your list to visit.

Secondly, there is also a beautiful park which they named Benjakitti Park. The park is peaceful and serene. It is adorned with beautiful flowers and trees where the couples can sit and chat for a longer period by watching a beautiful sunset and listening to the chirping of various birds. The park is clean, and beautiful sitting areas are there under the trees, which creates a romantic atmosphere.

Thirdly, if you love animals, then the Safari world will be the perfect place for you to hang out. There are various animals; the zookeepers can also allow you to touch a few animals and click pictures with them. It will be relaxing for the couples to spend a day with the animals. There, you can also enjoy a boat ride, and a safari is also there to get a glimpse of a tiger, bear, lion and cheetah.

Fourthly, the floating market in Bangkok deserves a special mention as the couple can enjoy buying fruits, veggies or fish while sitting on the boat. It’s an enthralling experience. Everything they sell through boats, not only that but they also deliver or prepare food in boats and will deliver you hot in your boat.

Apart from these, other dating places in bkk will give you a trekking experience and also experience sea life. Visiting these places, it must be guaranteed that your spouse or your girlfriend will be impressed with you. Spending quality time here will help you to get more about your partner, making your relationship stronger.


To make the relationship stronger, it’s necessary to spend some fruitful time with your loved ones and also visit the places of their choice, which will make them feel more happy and build a strong relationship. So, if you are planning to visit Bangkok, try to research more about the places that you are willing to visit and the speciality of those places, which will help to give immense joy to your loved ones.