There are various reasons why you should consider undergoing Rhinoplasty Toronto. If you have a breathing issue, then the procedure can help to fix a deviated septum. The procedure is well known as a nose job for making your nose aesthetically pleasing. If you feel that your nose is too broad, too long, or too big, then it is the best procedure to opt for. Once you have decided to undergo the procedure, the first step is to decide on the plastic surgeon. After all, that has been done, and the date for the procedure has been set, one question that arises is how long the procedure lasts. The time of the procedure could vary from an hour to several hours.

What are the various reasons that could have an impact on your procedure time?

Rhinoplasty for Aesthetic Purposes

The extent of the changes that are to be made impacts the time of the surgery. When you get minimal modifications done to your nose, the procedure could easily take anywhere from one hour to one and a half hours. More extensive changes can cause the surgery the last for 3 to 4 hours. There are two types of rhinoplasty procedures. One procedure is a closed one, and the other is open. Though both the procedures require cutting the inside of the nose, the open surgery requires an extra cut on the outside where the nostrils join together. This has an impact on the time taken to perform the procedure. Depending upon your surgery goals, whether you are looking to lengthen your nose or widen it, it would require grafting of the cartilage. In this, the nose’s cartilage is taken from the nose, ears, and sometimes even from the rib. This process of grafting adds to the time that the surgery would take.

Rhinoplasty to address various Health Issues  

Rhinoplasty is also carried out to address various breathing issues. Suppose you are undergoing the procedure to address any of the breathing issues. In that case, the procedure could take longer than the rhinoplasty, which is carried out for aesthetic purposes. There are four kinds of rhinoplasties to address breathing difficulties: nasal septoplasty, which strengthens a deviated septum, a turbinate reduction, which reduces the mucous covered shelves of the bone, which are usually a source of allergy and irritation. Polyp removal and nasal valve collapse are the other two types of rhinoplasties performed to address breathing issues.

The amount of time that is taken to carry out the procedure is dependent on all the factors which have been stated above. Along with that, the amount of time taken is also reliant on the surgeon who would be carrying out the procedure. Their efficiency, rhythm, and team of nurses and anesthesiologists are some of the variable factors that impact the time taken for the procedure. Before your surgery, you would be given a list of instructions to follow, which affects the time taken to perform the procedure.