How to Keep your Car in Top Shape while It’s Stuck in the Garage Amid Lockdowns

The current world situation has pushed governments to implement lockdowns. For homeowners, the lockdown can mean different things. It can be the best time to complete a chore that have been put off a while now or create a stronger bond with loved ones. But, a lockdown also means that cars are stuck in garages, so as a car owner, you must know how to keep them in top shape. Here are some tips to help you with this:

Start your Car Every 5-10 Days

Your car’s battery will slowly lose its charge if it remains unused. Keep in mind that things such as key-less entry, radio memory functions, and memory seats draw tiny amounts of power even if the car is not running. That is why some batteries may die before others. You can prevent this by starting your vehicle once every5-10 days. Also, you can let your car idle for 15-30 minutes in an open area because of carbon monoxide emissions.

Avoid Flat Spots

If your car is parked for a prolonged period, its weight is pressed in the same spot on the tires, causing flat spots to develop. You can bring the normal operating temperature of your car tires and get rid o any flat spots by driving the car. If driving is not possible, rotate the wheels to prevent the weight of the car from resting on the same parts of the tire.

Check Tire Air Pressure Every Month

Even if car tires don’t have a puncture, they can slowly lose air. Check the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle at the label inside the driver’s door opening. You can inflate your tires with a bicycle pump is you cannot make it to a gas station or do not have a compressor at home. The drastic change in weather can cause tire pressures to fluctuate quite a bit.