Rent a House in These Amazing Virginia Cities

Sometimes we can all use some time to relax–or perhaps just a break from our normal routine. Virginia is a beautiful state with tons to offer. Let’s talk about our favorites for your next trip.


We love Richmond for its sprawling urban and historical districts. There are 6 Fortune 500 companies based in Richmond – providing opportunities for residents and newcomers alike. Additionally, some companies may not have headquarters here but they have locations throughout the city. These include plenty of places to shop, eat, and party. 

We recommend visiting some of the museums and national monuments while you are there. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is considered one of the largest museums in the U.S. and was opened in 1936. It houses the now-known Leslie Cheek Theater which hosts an array of shows in its 500-seat venue. 

Houses for rent in Richmond are affordable for any size family vacation. And if you happen to have the whole crew with you, Kings Dominion is a theme park that caters to all ages. They will love the animals that are at the Metro Richmond Zoo. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, hop on the zip line and float right over the animal kingdom. 


Another wonderful town to visit when if you’re heading to Virginia is Williamsburg. In the 20th century, Williamsburg was a sleepy small town. The city went into decline after the civil war as it was mostly Confederate leaning. It took a while to come out of the decline but it eventually turned into a sprawling quaint town that attracts visitors every year. 

Folks rave about visiting Busch Gardens in Williamsburg which has been voted the “World’s Most Beautiful Amusement Park” every year since 1990. And with its proximity to Jamestown, there are tons of historical parks and educational spots to visit. It is widely considered the original site of the first permanent English settlement in America.

The parks here are sprawling with wildlife, hiking and biking trails, and over 24 picnic areas to choose from. The Chickahominy State Park is right along the riverfront of the James River. Hop on a kayak or paddle boat or stay on dry land fishing. 

Virginia Beach

If it’s summer and you are taking a weekend away, Virginia Beach is the perfect destination. There are 7 different districts in Virginia Beach offering up different adventures in each. Sandbridge is more of a hideaway part of the city and Pungo is the farmland section. Pungo has an amazing Military Aviation Museum. The Oceanfront section is one of the most popular locations for obvious reasons. It’s home to a three-mile boardwalk and sandy beaches. 

Chesapeake Bay is the more mature older sister of Oceanfront. It has ocean views with calming waves to settle anyone’s hectic mind. The locals love this beach to escape the tourism of other locations. Inland is another favorite of locals and visitors. The Founder’s Inn and Spa is one of the most popular spots. Another noteworthy stop is Back Bay Brewings Farmhouse Brewery. The farmhouse that is home to the brewery was built in 1912 and has been updated. It gives you a contemporary and vintage all at once. The perfect way to enjoy your home-brewed beer. 

There are tons of additional places to visit in Virginia. We love this state for our southern trips. We encourage you to do as much visiting her as you can and look into all of the other awesome places to visit while you’re there!