Tips on staying healthy and happy at the time of the pandemic

From getting vaccination at home to home based healthcare and other services, everything is readily available at your fingertips today. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our daily lives in multiple ways. With regular changes taking place at a physical, mental and psychological level, it is easy to feel really anxious, overwhelmed and hugely stressed. Based upon the advice of the Government, people should remain at home whenever and wherever possible while avoiding larger gatherings and also adhering to social distancing, sanitization, hand-washing and other safety protocols and precautions. Self-isolation and distancing may be regular practices today although this may lead to major social and mental anxiety and loneliness for most people.

Here are some tips that you should carefully keep in mind. You can always opt for home nursing services in Bangalore and other healthcare solutions whenever you require the same for elderly members in the family or even for yourself, particularly if you are recuperating from any major illness. Here are the tips to be kept in mind:

  • Mindfulness- Staying mindful is something that you should emphasize upon and you should be attentive towards the present circumstances above all else. This will help you stay calm and overcome anxiety, stress and loneliness gradually over time. Mindfulness practices are not always comprehensive or complex by nature. Implement mindfulness while eating by taking more time to enjoy meals suitably minus any distractions and sit suitably for consuming food. Mindful breathing will be of immense help in the future and you should slowly breathe and extend breath upon exhalation likewise. Think mindfully by acknowledging emotions when they are rising without any reactions. Take your time for expressing feelings via creative work, journaling, diary entries or simply talking to other people whenever you require any help.
  • Dietary Aspects- Make sure that you consume a healthy and balanced diet since a nutritious and healthy diet will help in boosting your immune system with a view towards combating COVID-19. Have vegetables and fruits included in your diet along with healthy fats, healthy protein and whole grains while keeping yourself properly hydrated in the bargain. Choose herbal and soothing tea for improving digestion and enhancing overall quality of sleep greatly.
  • Physical Activity- Remaining physically active is a must. Simply do the household chores, cook and clean and indulge in exercise or a walk whenever you can. Get some yoga into your routine or go for a run/jog. Dance to your heart’s content whenever you are in the mood. Staying physically active need not always be a chore or routine-bound. This will help you live a stronger, more active and healthier life.
  • Embrace Recreation- Recreational aspects are highly important. Make sure that you take out the time for movies, music, television, books, games, online socializing, puzzles, family time or even learning new skills, whichever you like. Recreation and entertainment will help you lead a healthier and happier life in the bargain. Take care of the elderly in your family by ensuring proper home nursing services in Bangalore

Soon we will all be preparing for vaccination at home or at hospitals or outdoors in light of the battle against COVID-19. Hopefully the world will see a new dawn soon.