Tips to make the most out your trip to London

Home of fancy afternoon teas, the Queen, those twee red buses you’ve seen on countless film shows, black cabs, Big Ben, and people who say strange things like “cheerio chap”, “alright mate”, and “cheesed off”.

What a thrilling prospect! You’ll navigate the Tube (London Underground) like an expert, popping out at landmark after landmark and taking up the entire London ambiance, exactly like in the movies.

Here are a few pointers on how to visit London in a sensible way before you book your hotels in London.

It’s all closer than you believe.

The distance between the two stations is approximately 10 minutes. Top sightseeing tip: use your map (or the Google Maps app) to navigate the streets, and read the section on walking in London for further information. All you need to do is to plan out your starting point. You will reach at your destination within seconds and can click unlimited pictures. Just stay calm and do not end up paying huge amount to the guides.

A bus gives you a better view than the Tube.

Sitting on the top deck of a tour bus is a fantastic way to view London without getting lost, and it’s far more scenic than using the tube. Top sightseeing tip: the Hop on Hop off Bus Tour not only allows you to go at your own leisure, but it also includes live commentary, a free walking tour, and a free river tour. Make the most of this trip on foot.

Self-guided walking excursions are completely free.

A self-guided walking tour is a terrific alternative if you’re on a budget or simply prefer getting about on foot. Top sightseeing tip: go to Transport for London’s ‘Walk London’ page for some fresh ideas and to get walking tour maps. You can walk from your hotels in Kingsbridge and enjoy your trip.

Comfortable shoes and an Oyster card are required.

Walking is the most efficient method to get about downtown London, although it is taxing on your feet. Top sightseeing advice: treat yourself well and dress appropriately. And, for those trips that do take a little longer, make sure you have your Oyster card or a contactless card on you (London buses do not accept cash).

It’s wonderful to go sightseeing at night.

The typical tourist strategy is to wake up early, see as much as possible, and then crash in the evening. But why not mix things up a little and make the most of your evenings? Top sightseeing tip: many museums and galleries host special late openings, during which they keep their exhibitions open longer than normal — and typically include a pop-up bar or other special activities.

Get a fresh perspective from a higher vantage point.

It’s always worth glancing up when wandering the streets of London; otherwise, you’ll miss some magnificent landmarks and architecture. Top sightseeing tip: if you want a better perspective, climb higher.

Extend your Zone One experience

Many visitors don’t travel beyond Zone One since there is so much to see in Central London. Top sightseeing tip: Those who venture further out will be rewarded handsomely. Not only will you observe how Londoners live (not many reside in the city centre! ), but you’ll also learn about the city’s history. The ancient borough of Greenwich, the riverside tranquilly of Richmond and Kew, and the hip vibes of Brixton Village Market are all worth seeing. A day excursion outside of London to one of the UK’s other major sights, such as Stonehenge, Windsor (home of Windsor Castle), or Oxford, is also an option.