Why it is Time to Shift to Wind Energy

Climate change is becoming a major issue in the world today. The frequency of weather-related disasters has risen to46% from 2007 to 2016. This is due to drastic climate change in most parts of the earth. There is a need to combat climate change by resorting to renewable energy.

Wind and solar energy are some forms of renewable energy that most countries are now investing in to cut carbon footprints. There is more in wind energy that makes it a necessary move in most economies. This article looks at the benefits of wind energy and why it is worth investing in the right technology like IQIP  to facilitate renewable energy production.

  1. Wind is cost-effective

Land-based wind energy is one of the lowest-priced energy sources available today. It costs 1-2 cents a kilowatt after tax credit deductions. In most cases, electricity from wind farms is sold at a fixed price for up to two decades and is fuel-free. The traditional energy sources add price uncertainty to the cost of energy, and wind mitigates this in the long run.

  1. Source of employment

Wind energy production results in the creation of job opportunities. The wind sector in the U.S employs 100 000 workers today.

Ideally, one of the fastest-growing careers or jobs in the US is wind turbine technician. In the manufacturing sector alone, wind energy production can support more than600,000 jobs in the maintenance, manufacturing, installation, and support service by 2050.

  1. A source of clean energy

Wind is a clean and renewable source of energy. It doesn’t pollute the air. Plants use fossil fuel to get power and emit a lot of carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides in the air resulting in global warming, human health problems, and climate change.

Notably, wind turbines do not produce any harmful emissions that can cause smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gases.

  1. Wind is domestic and sustainable

Wind is currently the largest renewable energy source in the US, accounting for up to 15% per year. In the U.S, wind supply is made abundant and inexhaustible. Wind capacity keeps growing as more investment is made in the sector.

Wind comes from the heating of the atmosphere by the sun, earth surface irregularities, and rotation of the earth.This makes wind a form of solar energy.As long as the sun shines and there is wind blowing, we can always make wind energy.

Final Thoughts

There are more reasons why every country should invest in wind and other forms of renewable energy. The number one reason is to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global warming. Wind energy is renewable and cost-effective to produce, which makes it more preferable source of energy.

There are many benefits of wind energy and other forms of green energy. With increasing investment in wind turbines and pile driving technology, we should expect wind energy to compete favorably with other conventional energy sources on a cost basis.