Chatbots: Why they Should be Integrated into Business Websites

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are affecting a broad range of industries. Chatbots are the most universally adjustable application for businesses that have a presence online. This live chat feature provides live customer service on websites, leading the increased visitor confidence in the ability of a brand to service the needs of customers.

How Chatbots Works

These computer programs mimic human-to-human interactions, allowing users to get a similar experience to a live human chat with a customer service rep. These bots are made using national language processing to hold text conversations in a ay that closely resembles organic human interaction.

Kinds of Chatbots

Chatbots can be intellectually-independent, rule-based, or AI-powered. Intellectually-independent bots use machine learning, which allows applications to learn by data gathering, pattern recognition, and data analysis. They are programmed to spot certain keywords and phrases that trigger the proper response.

Rule-based bots interact with users by letting the latter access pre-determined answers programmed into the application. They are great at qualifying possible leads. The bots ask questions of the user and the user chooses the appropriate answer by clicking the correct button. Lastly, bots powered by AI understand natural language; however, they also have pre-determined answers. They remember the preferences of customers and the context of the interaction.

Reasons to Use Chatbots

If you own a small business, you might be wondering if you can benefit from chatbots. What can this technology do in terms of adding value or improving your marketing strategies? Chatbots can benefit your business in many ways such as:

  • Simplifying things. Your website offers everything your customers may want to know. But, while it has information readily available, busy customers do not wish to dig around for information or answers. They want a magic button they can press and get answers through. Chatbots keep things easy for visitors because they are tailored to offer information without requiring them to deal with difficult tricks.
  • They talk the talk. Chatbots keep conversations flowing naturally and in an organized way. They do not have the emotional hang-ups that humans deal with, making it possible for them to keep customers feeling cool, collected, and calm.
  • They build brand trust. AI-powered chatbots are usually the first interaction a possible customer has with your brand. This makes it the best opportunity to educate the prospect about what your product and service can do for them. As they make a positive impression, customers can create a powerful bond with your brand.