Get Ready on This Black Friday Deal to Get Exciting Offers from BBQs 2u


BBQs 2u is making another record-breaking sale this year. They have covered all the losses incurred during 2021. Ever since UK citizens realized that they will have to remain home for another year, the residents rushed to order their barbecue grill online. The shutdown of their favourite barbecue restaurants also played an important role in lifting the sales for BBQs 2u.

BBQs 2u is a leading grill and oven retailer in the UK. Since 2002 they have gained a lot of loyal customers. There may be various retailers in the UK market, but BBQs 2u’s passion for the grill makes them special and different from others. Their online website is loaded with varieties of grill from Masterbuilt, Napoleon BBQs, the famous traditional Asian style Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizza Ovens. They also keep in mind customers’ requirements for accessories like charcoal, tools, covers, etc.  

One of their customers was delighted with their service, “I am highly impressed with the company and their team. I ordered the product last week, but due to some weather issues, my shipment got delayed. But the BBQs 2u team kept me updated with my order until I received it. To my surprise, they also gave me a gift which I wasn’t aware of until I was told I booked the grill on Friday.” 

BBQs 2u is known for its Black Friday Deals. Every Friday they set up a clearance sale on their Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Ooni Pizza Ovens. They provide huge discounts and special offers on machines and accessories. This Friday, 26th November 2021, they are updating more heavily discounted products on their website. 

All the products on their website are the best quality products. They have done all kinds of research before deciding to introduce the brands in the market. The Masterbuilt series is the top brand in the US market. However, before introducing the Masterbuilt in the UK market BBQs 2u did their research to find if it is compatible with UK weather and climate. They tried the product personally for various months to understand its features and specialty as well as surveyed the whole Masterbuilt market. 

Today, UK citizens are thrilled to have the Masterbuilt series at their homes. The brand was established in 1973 in the US, but UK people are fond of the Gravity series launched in 2002. 

The Masterbuilt 560, 800, and 1050 models are different from each other based on their size and features. 

The MasterBuilt 560 Black Friday deal includes a free Masterbuilt 560 cover, 12 kg of Lumpwood, 4.5 kg of wood chunks, and a box of flamers and natural firelighters. The same offer is available in the other two models as well. 

If this was not enough, BBQs 2u also ensured that they have all types of models from the Napoleon brand. They have the Portable, Rogue, LE, LEX, Prestige, and Prestige Pro models available on their website. The portable and Rogue series is always out of stock as it is increasing in demand every month. 

BBQs 2u understand their customers and their deep passion for barbecue. Last month they announced various contests and many of their customers have received exclusive gifts from the company. To check more details about the company, products, and deals, check their Pinterest account.