How Emerging Trends Are Shaping the Growth of Businesses and Market Intelligence

Business trends are rapidly evolving, affecting the decisions of many companies that aspire to remain competitive. The trends in data analytics serve to ease the functions of a company both internally and externally. Every company seeks to increase its revenue annually. It is crucial to keep abreast of any emerging trends to make sure their goals will be attainable, year after year.

Vital decisions that companies make rely heavily on data, and business managers may lose out if they ignore the numbers. The aspects of data show the kind of impact a company can make regarding an increase in sales and revenue collection. To understand companies’ decision-making, we must take a more in-depth look at the trends in data analytics. Check how getting more facebook page likes.

Emerging Trends in Data Analytics

Live video

As many individuals subscribe to the fast-paced world, they prefer to do things in a much shorter time and hence prefer watching a video than reading a blog. If the video is live, the better, they can get to ask questions and get an answer in real-time. Conducting business through live video helps your client know more about the business and the person behind the brand.

Influencer marketing

Looking at the social media influencers, a company can get an excellent advertising opportunity through the individuals who have a huge following and can negotiate payment terms. Click here for more books.

Augmented reality

As the trends change, so are the features in applications such as Snapchat’s face filters and Facebook’s camera effects platforms. Such features bring a little fun to the table in real-time.

Social Listening

It is incredible what the internet can do. The ability to know what people say about your products is beyond a blessing. The information gathered is very relevant because it will help in adjusting your marketing strategy.

Continued use of chatbots

The increased and continued use of chatbots to give customers feedback has a significant impact on decreasing the expenditure of many companies. Even though machines cannot beat a human response, many companies save millions through the use of the machines.

Paid advertisements

Even with quite an active social media presence, it is good to pay for advertisements on social media platforms. Many companies pay for this service to boost product reach and sales.

The decline of organic reach and referral traffic

Gone are the days of traditional word of mouth. On social media, people will ask their friends about a product they posted and if it is good. The increase in sales for your company will revolve around that digital referral.

Tools That Businesses Should Use To Understand Emerging Trends

The following are some of the tools that businesses should use to understand to understand emerging trends when it comes to social selling and consumer behavior.

They include;

  • Google Trends
  • Buffer Reply
  • Unsplash
  • Buffer Publish
  • Feedly
  • Canva
  • BuzzSumo
  • Native Analytics
  • Todoist
  • Animoto

As every business strives to stay on top of the market while observing customer behavior, it is essential to also work on any recommendations by the same clients. A look at the numbers not meeting projected targets will prompt a company to seek answers, and Netbase Quid has a vast experience when it comes to counting and presenting numbers in a real-time fashion.

Netbase Quid is a firm that deals with social media analytics and business intelligence, that is, data discovery, consumer behavior, and much more. When it comes to improving your business to yield better results, it is essential to pay attention to the numbers. Are your customers satisfied? As a company, what can you improve? The customer is the most important asset to your company. Meet the needs of your customer, and sales will skyrocket to your desired expectations.


Getting your brand to stand out and get attention is one of the most vital actions you can take. With the proper utilization of the emerging trends in data analytics, you will be able to target your audience better. Your marketing strategies will also follow suit in making your brand and products gain exposure. Check hello kitty coloring pages here.