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How to Manually Flush a Toilet When It’s Broken

A home is never without a reliable toilet to run to when nature calls. There are houses in Marrickville with lots of bathrooms to spare, but most families share one to two, depending on the size of their homes.

Was there ever a time you thought about the mechanism behind flushing the toilet? You have to admit that many people rely only on pushing the handle in most cases. Because, with a single push of the handle, everything is flushed down without a trace. It is safe to say you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

But, what if something goes wrong? What if you noticed that even when you repeatedly pushed down the handle, the “flushing” did not happen? Is it a hopeless case or situation that you can resolve? Find out here the sure ways on how to manually flush a toilet.

#1 Fill the tank with water

Did you know that circumstances arise wherein there is an insufficient volume of water flowing inside the toilet’s tank? Due to this, it cannot function as well as it should. The best thing you can do to solve the issue is by opening up the lid and pouring some water inside the tank.

How much water, to be exact? There’s a specific level in the tank that you could easily see. As soon as the water reaches that particular line, you could push the lever for flushing to see if it’s back to normal. It is the easiest but effective way to flush any toilet manually.

#2 Do you have a bucket at home? Use it!

What if the toilet doesn’t work well even when you’ve already filled up the tank repeatedly with water? Is there another method you can try?

Absolutely! And for the task, you are going to need a bucket. No, it shouldn’t be a small one or a big one. You need one with the size that’s enough to gather the right volume of water to pour into the toilet bowl.

Of course, you have to do it slowly but surely. It is a tried and tested way to avoid any spillage or overflowing. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

#3 Lifting the flapper

Do you know what a flapper looks like? If you check the toilet’s tank right, you will see it immediately. What if it is a different type of flapper? Do not worry at all since all of these work the same way.

What you need to do is simply lift the lid away or off the toilet’s tank. You then pull the chain connecting the flapper and lift it. You will notice that the water is released out and flushes the bowl instantly.

Calling for Plumbing Services

The things mentioned above are the tested and effective methods to flush the toilet manually. It is easy and hassle-free. However, you would not want to end it like that. You need to find a way to fix your water closet for good and the only sure-fire way to do that is to call in professionals.

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