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The Benefits of Quartz that Make it The Best Engineered Stone for Countertops 

Quartz is an engineered stone that can be regarded as a chameleon. It’s because quartz can be designed to mimic real stones like marble and even real wood. But, there’s no way that you’ll be able to tell quartz from real marble – it’s that good. Some of the benefits of quartz that you might find fascinating are as follows. If you’re giving house decor a serious thought, quartz can be the material for you. 

  1. Quartz Imitations Can Be Better than Natural Stones

First, when designed to look like marble, quartz gives the same feel, texture, and shades as that of real marble. But here’s the deal, the Granite au Sommet quartz imitation marbre is better than actual marble in one unique way – it resists stains much better than marble does. The reason is that the surface of quartz is absolutely non-porous. No liquid from any source can seep inside quartz. That’s why quartz gets one point more than real marble.

  1. Quartz is Very Strong

You’d be surprised to know that quartz is harder than even granite, that’s one of the hardest natural stones. 

Quartz can, thus, resist impacts to a very great degree. It’s also an excellent material to store bulky appliances. 

  1. Quartz is Hygienic

As we have already mentioned that quartz is water resistant; hence, it is stain resistant too. Now, everybody knows that left over food stains attract germs, flies, and bacteria. When these stains cannot harbor on the surface of quartz, it’s quite obvious that the stone will never fester fungus or bacteria or germs. All in all, quartz is a very hygiene material to be used as a kitchen countertop. 

  1. Quartz is Pet Friendly

This is probably one of the funniest classifications that you might ever come across, but it’s true. The surface of quartz does not develop scratches. So, if you have pets, you don’t have to worry about scratches anymore. 

  1. Quartz is Wonderful for Bathrooms

Quartz is preferred as a bathroom countertop over many other materials since there aren’t many materials that can resist water as good as quartz. That’s not the only reason though. The colors and textures that quartz is available in can entirely transform the look and aura of the bathroom. Hence, it’s a wonderful material for the bathrooms too. 

To sum up, if you are planning to install an engineered stone to install a countertop in your house, then installing quartz is the decision that you will never regret.