Understanding pre and post-events in a wedding.

The period before and after the wedding is covered by a couple of events. This is to mark both the start and the end of the wedding. You can take the opportunity to thank your guests for accepting your call in celebrating the sweetest moment of your life together. Some events happen on both occasions, the night before the wedding and the one after the wedding. One of these events is.

All night long live wedding band.

Most wedding organizers will hire a band that will entertain the guests at a wedding on the night before and after the wedding. Since most people can’t afford to sleep on the night before the wedding, a band is deployed to entertain them throughout the night. MJB live wedding band provides the right mood and preparation for a wedding.

The other event may lie between pre and post events both made to make the event even more memorable:

Pre-wedding events.

These are events that take place before the main event. The event was made for the preparation of the main wedding.


  • Welcome party.


A welcome party is always put in place to welcome the guests from outside your area. To make them feel welcome, they enjoy a party on the night before the wedding. They feast together in preparation for the big day.


  • Beauty party.


A beauty party is arranged for the chosen group of people to choose the right attire for the wedding couple. This ensures the couple will have been shining smart on their wedding day.


  • A wine tour and testing.


A party before the wedding where the bride’s relatives and close friend enjoy a craft of beer just in preparation for the big day. The group shares a couple of drinks and feasts on the prepared food.

Post-wedding events.

These are events contacted after the wedding itself. It is just a ice on the cake after the big wedding.


  • Honeymoon.


There is a dedicated period when the couple proceeds to a private area where they celebrate their commitment. This is another moment of making new memories.


  • Wedding after-party.


After the wedding, you can decide your guest for a wedding after-party. This is acts as a thanks-giving event to appreciate their support on your big day. Party and feast together to make everyone appreciate the good moment.

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