Why MBA CET is a Tough MBA Entrance Exam?

MBA CET is an MBA Entrance exam that leads to the admission of candidates to various top management colleges and universities of India. The exam is often dreaded as a very difficult MBA Entrance test by the students of India. No other MBA Entrance exam can match MBA CET in its level of difficulty.

The exam is characterized by really tough and challenging logical reasoning questions. This is why MBA CET is not a test for everyone. Below are the reasons which show why MBA CET is the most difficult MBA Entrance exam.

Difficult Time Management

Keeping up with the time limit is quite difficult in MBA CET. For efficient time management, the total number of questions must be divided by the total available time. After doing so, one would discover that less than one minute is available per question for a student to answer all the questions.

This is because the total number of questions is 200 while the available time is 150 minutes. As such, students will struggle to complete all the questions within the allotted time limit. There are 5 answer options available for each question, and the candidates have to choose the correct answer.

Two and a half-hour of time duration is not enough for most students to answer all the questions. Some tips and tricks will be available for the questions. Even this help will not be enough for most candidates to attempt all the questions.

Difficult Logical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning Questions

Not only is the time available to answer questions not sufficient, but the level of difficulty of questions is also high. The MBA CET exam deals with four sections- Logical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability/Reading Comprehension. Questions from these four different categories mean students must dedicate a lot of time and effort to preparations.

Logical Reasoning is the most dreaded section of the MBA CET exam. What’s worse is that the maximum questions will come from this particular section. Also, a logical reasoning question can take up to at least two minutes to solve, but, as previously discussed, this would be too much given the time constraints.

Abstract reasoning is another time-consuming area for students. A significant portion of marks in the MBA CET exam belongs to such questions. Only a candidate of high mental aptitude can successfully tackle abstract reasoning questions.

Challenging Verbal Ability Questions

Verbal ability is another section that can trouble test takers. Many MBA CET test-takers can find it difficult to solve the questions based on grammatical errors. This is an area where many candidates can lose track of the subject. Furthermore, the predicate in the sentences can be very tricky if they are formed with grammatical errors.

Another challenge for the students is questions like the completion of paragraphs and choosing the correct sentence. This problem can increase if the available options are very close. Picking the odd sentence out of the paragraph can only be done by those students who can keep their composure during the exam.

Reading Comprehension passages is an area where many students make mistakes. Many students tend to rush while reading the comprehension passage due to time constraints and then make mistakes when answering questions. This flaw should be avoided, and one must show at least some amount of patience to read the whole passage carefully.

Students must select out the errors in parts of sentences or choose the ‘No error’ option. This, in some cases, can be tricky and very difficult.

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