Worried About Your Kid’s Safety on Facebook? These Tips Can Help You! 


Because of the on-going lockdown situation imposed by Covid-19, both adults and kids alike have been forced to use digital devices, the internet, and social media apps more than they ever did before. The most common uses for the internet platforms have been remote office work and e-learning. 

Apart from these common uses, people have been using the internet for communication on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. Social media usage is more common among kids than most adults these days. They tend to spend more time online than their parents. 

As they cannot step outside their homes and hang out with friends, they have no option but communicate with others online. Their screen time has incredibly increased during this period. This is whyparents are worried about their kids’ online safety more than ever. 

Thoughts like “how to hack a Facebook account of your kid” might have crossed your mind hundreds of times because you would be eager to know about their Facebook activity. Instead of taking that route, it is better to use some helpful tips on keeping your kids safe on social media platforms including Facebook. 

Online Safety Tips for Kids on Facebook 

The reason why parents are concerned about their kids’ safety on Facebook is that social media platforms are rife with several online dangers that can be detrimental for kids and teens. To help parents become actively involved in their kids’ digital lives during this pandemic, Facebook had unleashed some helpful tips for parents to keep their kids safe on social media. 

Begin a Conversation with Your Kids 

Almost every kid has access to an electronic device these days. Getting them a device has become the new normal for parents. While you cannot stop your kids from accessing devices, it’s important that you begin a conversation with them about technology, especially before they become older enough to join social media. Teach them how to use social media safely and responsibly. Educate them about social media, online dangers they can come across there, and how they can tackle them. 

Beware of Age Restrictions 

The majority of social media apps including Facebook require everyone to be 13 years old before they can set up an account. However, different age restrictions apply in different countries. Parents should ensure their kids do not create an account on Facebook before they turn 13 years of age. If your kid has not turned 13 yet, make sure he or she is not seen anywhere near Facebook. 

Be Mindful of Online and Offline Worlds 

Just like you would ask your kid to be careful of the dangers of the offline world, you should also ask them to beware of online dangers. While you teach them to look both left and right before crossing the street or to wear a helmet while riding their bike, you should also teach them how to be careful on social media. For instance, they should always think before accepting someone’s friend request on Facebook, especially if they do not know about that person. 

Don’t Be Shy Learning from Your Teen

It’s okay if you are not on social media and have no idea about how it works. It is also okay to not know how to handle things online. If there is some online service your teen is using and you do not know how it works, you can always ask them to teach you about it. You do not need to be shy while learning something new from your teen. 

While you are learning from them, new conversations will pop up that will help you understand more about the internet and online safety. You can discuss with your kids how you can keep yourselves safe from cyberattacks, cyberbullies, and many other harmful online dangers. That way you can learn to trust each other and help each other while solving problems. 

Set Some Technology Rules 

Another helpful online safety tip for parents is to create some technology rules at home. Make sure you follow these rules yourself because only then your kids will follow them. For instance, you should not let your kids use their devices in their bedrooms or bathrooms. Similarly, you can also set up specific screen time for them. They should not be allowed to use the device for more than two hours after school and should not go anywhere near them while doing their homework. That way your kid can create a stable routine with using technology and won’t spend all of their time on the internet. 

Enable and Manage Privacy Settings 

As soon as your teen creates an account on social media, help them enable privacy settings on their account. Facebook comes with a set of privacy and safety settings that allows users to manage and control their accounts. These privacy settings are really helpful in keeping kids safe from online dangers on the platform. 

By enabling privacy settings on your teen’s account, they can control who can add them as a friend, who can see their posts, who can send them messages, and who they can hide their posts from. Make sure all of the necessary privacy settings are enabled on your teen’s account. Also, ask them to manage them from time to time because Facebook keeps updating their settings. 

Teach Them to Report and Block on Social Media 

Your teen will be likely to come across some unpleasant things on social media. They might also receive threatening or sexually explicit messages from strangers in their inboxes. Teach your kids to take a stand for themselves by reporting or blocking someone or something that makes them feel uncomfortable on social media. 

Empower your teens to be able to block any person who degrades them or sends them unusual stuff. Your kids should not be affected by inappropriate things online to the point that they decide to leave the social media platform altogether. Instead, they should stay firm and fight against anything that makes them feel uncomfortable online. 

Monitor Your Teen’s Social Media 

Last but not least, you need to actively monitor your kid’s activity on social media to keep them safe from detrimental stuff online. Several monitoring apps have been launched in the market that have helped in providing a safe online experience to kids. 

Mobistealth, one of the leading monitoring apps in the market, helps you remotely monitor your kid’s activity on social media, including Facebook. You can read your kid’s Facebook messages, check out their posts, and know everything about their Facebook activity. This monitoring app, in fact, helps you hack Facebook of your kid in a secretive way. For instance, if you do not want your kid to know that you are secretly monitoring their social media activity, then you can use this stealth app and monitor their activity without them knowing. 

We hope by following these online safety tips, you can provide a safe Facebook experience to your kids and help them stay away from harmful things.