5 Awesome Plants to gift your loved one

There is no specific time for sharing memorable times and extending gifts to your loved ones. Gifting is an all-year thing, and you may find yourself worrying about what gift to present your loved ones will love and appreciate. You can escape the trouble by sharing plant gifts. One good reason why you should go with plants is that the plant gift keeps on giving and anyone around them benefits a lot from the pleasant breath of air and their beauty. They breathe life and liven up your interior spaces as well. This is made easy with the personalized and decorative pots they come with. There are so many plants to choose from that you might be a bit overwhelmed in deciding, and if you are looking for the best plant gift, then this blog is for you. Read on as we share five awesome plants to gift your loved one. 


Best Plants to Gift

Plants are a great gift for housewarming, birthdays, and even for the sick. They help bring up good vibrations for those in-home, at work, school, and hospital. They are easy to maintain, and anyone can easily care for the plant provided you give them care tips. And you will always cross their mind whenever they tend to the plant.


  • Lavender


Lavender plants thrive in full areas where there is a lot of sun exposure, including the semi-dry regions. They have a beautiful lavender scent, which brings about a calming vibration. In addition, they help improve stress management and sleep.


  • Lucky Bamboo


If the person you wish to gift the plant has a room or works in a space that receives less sunlight, then the Luck Bamboo is the right gift. It thrives in spaces with less and indirect sunlight, an ideal gift for an office desk. Lucky bamboo is also believed to bring about good fortune, happiness, and prosperity.


  • Orchids


Orchids are one of the most beautiful plants in the world. They make spaces appear more like you are in the tropics. Maintenance wise they can be a bit more demanding, but their beauty is worth the efforts. They have a variety of colour shades, and the plant will breathe peace harmony to any décor.


  • Succulents


If you are looking for plants that have a great scent and also look beautiful – try going with succulents. They also come with another added advantage, easy maintenance. You will find varieties of succulents mini to large leafy plants, that can be incorporated in any interior set up. 



  • Mint Plant


Does the person you want to gift the plant love plants and enjoy cooking? If yes then the Mint plant is the plant to gift. It blends well in many spaces, and unlike other plants, this one is also an ingredient. It thrives best in all indoor spaces and is easy to maintain.

Final Words

When gifting someone a flower, it’s essential to know how easy it is to care for, so it does not become a burden to them. It does not have to feel like an uphill task finding the plant that will blend in with the person you wish to gift. You can always feel free to consult florists to help you find the best plant to gift.