Top Jewellery Designs That Are great for Everyday Wear

As well all know that jewellery is something that remains inevitable in a woman’s life since ages. When you scroll through any celebrity’s social media page one common thing you would notice is good jewellery. A woman doesn’t have to be a model to flaunt her jewels. Wearing ornaments daily in itself gives a person self-confidence and an instantly elegant look in the way they carry themselves. Being fashionable isn’t easy, because you need to find a balance between aesthetics, styling, and designing. Read the full article to know more about choosing your appropriate jewellery designs. 

Here are some top Jewellery ideas for everyday wear.

  • Handcrafted Jewellery

When you think of jewellery, metal jewellery is something that immediately comes to your mind, and the fact that it gives a woman a stunning look is undeniable. But for everyday wear, handcrafted is something which will give you a great look. Here are some of the designs which are suitable for everyday use.

  • Handcrafted wood
  • Terracotta jewellery
  • Maruka kalamkari earrings
  • Polymer clay necklace 
  • Resin jumkas

India is known for its best handmade jewellery makers. Apart from handicraft items, handmade pendants, bangles, silver earrings, bracelets, etc can give you a beautiful look for daily wear. 

  • Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery cannot be ignored when it comes to a classic style. Pearls tend to make a woman look more charming be it a pink or white pearl. If you wish to lend an extra edge to your everyday outfit, you must try including pearl earrings in your collection. 

Some of the recommended everyday pearl designs are:

  • Yellow chimes freshwater pearl earrings
  • Ethnic pearl Jumkas, Necklace, and anklets
  • Gold plated pearl studs
  • Pearl drop earrings

Notch your daily looks by combining your outfits with beautiful pearl jewellery.

  • Classic gold and Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery has always been a symbol of love. Gold and diamonds are something that suits any kind of outfit and can be worn for both casual and special occasions. There are ways to pair your earring designs in gold and diamonds for a stunning look. While wearing casual jeans and a T-shirt, say when you go out with your friends for lunch, diamond hoops add glamour to your look. This is something that will make you stand out and these hoop designs never disappoint you. 

Gold earrings for daily wear are something which most of us follow since childhood. Gold studs can be worn every day to the office. This gives you a unique look that contributes to your natural look. It compliments almost every outfit for any type of occasion. 

Gold plated Septum rings are very common in India and are considered to be a sign of beauty. A perfect way to exhibit oneself proactively and boldly is to include a gold septum ring in your jewellery collection.

It is also said that wearing jewellery not only makes you feel good about yourself but also has medicinal powers which can cure health problems.