Buying Cars Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Consumers Have to Know

The impacts of the COViD-19 pandemic is continuously spreading throughout the world, disrupting the economy, shaking consumer confidence, and leaving millions of people jobless. In the auto world, it is changing how both car dealerships and consumers have to deal with purchases and sales.

During this outbreak, people who want to purchase a new car cannot usually go to a dealership for a test drive. It is nearly all virtual now. And despite al bargains, many buyers are on the sidelines. But, Car buying in this pandemic will become streamlined and much less time-consuming. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from the industry during this pandemic:

In-Person Sales are Limited

The majority of states have ordered closures that let dealerships perform in-person sales that follow social-distancing guidelines. Thus, consumers need to secure an appointment and the dealer safeguards any employees who show up for the consumer. Usually, consumers are restricted to a contained area inside the showroom or within a service bay. The area is sanitized after the appointment.

Test Drives May be Limited or Impossible

These days, the majority of dealers do not let anybody test a car alone even after they have copied your driver’s license. That is why consumers must check to see if their dealer will permit a test drive and exactly how they will do it. Without a test drive, used cars are riskier to purchase, even if they are certified pre-owned.

Some luxury dealers have provided at-home test drives; however, this requires them to show up with a couple of vehicles and employees, which is not sustainable. But, some used car franchises offer some respite by dropping off vehicles to homes, with the driver staying away from the customers while the latter test drive.

Deals are Available, But…

This period is a buyer’s market for vehicles. However, it can also be a bit disorienting. Consumers must know some important things about buying a car in a pandemic. Industry experts say that if auto retailing gets going in the next month, there will be limited models of new vehicles to pick from. These include the leftovers from last year, current 2020 models, and early intro 2021 models. Also, deals like 0% financing for 84 months are available, but only a few buyers will qualify for such rates. For buyers, the end of the month is the best time to purchase a car as dealers will desperately have to move their inventory and negotiate on price.