Holidays are here, increase your income

Holidays arrived and with them free time and what better way to use it to have an additional income. The daily hustle and bustle, coming and going, constant traffic and obligations often prevent us from doing this activity that we like so much and that has earned us good comments from family or friends, even those comments have made us think that with this activity we can have extra money.

Here we leave you some business and / or activity ideas that you can do this summer and that can make you earn money from home:

Dance classes

How many times at parties have you not been asked for tips to improve dance steps or even private classes? This is the moment, enable your living room or even your dining room as a dance floor, and shine a light on that talent that you only dust off on weekends.

Talk about it with your neighbors, with your family, friends and announce it on your social network. Many children and young people stay at home in this period and want to take advantage of it to learn something, it can be classes of 1 or 2 hours, you can do small groups or customize the classes. Cheer up.

Garage sale

It is a classic to use our free time to review those closets at home that for months are filled with products and things that many times we do not use.

Make closet clean, select those products that you do not need and that someone else may want. If you do not have a space to open it to the general public, take some good photos and upload it to the internet, it may surprise you to have an extra income without leaving home. Also you may wonder like how do i figure out sales tax? In that case the tax calculator works fine.

Nursery for children

Surely you have had to take care of your nephews, your little brothers, your little cousins, and many times without having an economic retribution. On vacations, many parents work and with no open schools, where to leave the children becomes a problem.

Offer your services from home, and a small recovery fee won’t bother anyone. You can organize tours with the boys, apart from keeping them busy, you can visit places and you will have fun alike.

Food distribution:

Every Christmas you are the culinary star, all your aunts and cousins ​​wait year after year for that dish that you will take to the family dinner, so take advantage of those talents. Write in that WhatsApp group that you will be preparing different dishes at affordable costs.

You will have the advantage that they already know you and may even have recommended you. You keep busy, you eat delicious and you have extra money to buy what you have wanted so much.These are some of the activities that can help you have an extra entrance in a time when we always spend. Maybe you work but you can share these ideas with your children, give it a try.