Sweet Deliciousness All Around


Having cakes once in a while is not cheating on our diet, it is absolutely fine as cakes bring us utmost happiness and fill us with joy. Now the baking world has lined up a wide variety of cakes, egg cakes, eggless cakes, vegan cakes, gluten free cakes, many more  and with every slice,you are going to crave for more and more. Well, you can get all these delicious cakes at one place only, yes one place and that is Bakingo. Here the professional bakers use the best quality ingredients and bake the cakes with utmost perfection that you and your dear ones will go WOW with the quality of cakes. Lets see what all types of cakes Bakingo offers.

Designer Cakes

The best cakes that they offer are designer cakes. These fondant beauties are sure to steal your heart. Bakingo has lined up different designer theme cakes for different age groups and relations and occasions like Boss cakes, Mother cakes, Kids cakes, Sports cakes, Siblings cakes, anniversary cake and so on. You will definitely find a perfect designer cake for your dear one.


Ohh so yummy!!! This is going to be your reaction for sure after trying the cute and sweet cupcakes that are offered by Bakingo. Baked with perfection, these cute cakes can be ordered in different designs and numbers as per your preferences. Surely, try these beautifully designed cakes with your dear ones without any occasion and indulge in the sweetness of these beauties.

Pastry Cakes

For all your small events and functions like kitty parties, Bakingo offers sweet pastry cakes that can add charm to your celebrations. Perfect as a small delicious bite, you can order these small pastry cakes in different flavours as well. Also, if you don’t want to have a full cake, you can go for a pastry cake to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Jar Cakes

Cake inside a jar, really? Yes, isn’t it a great idea? Well, it is and it is possible with Bakingo’s special range of jar cakes. Witness a fluffy and tasty cake inside a small jar and get ready to take your taste buds on a delicious ride. You will surely recommend this special cake to everyone.

Photo Cakes/ Poster Cakes

Photo cakes are so eye-soothing that the recipient won’t be able to take their eyes off this beauty. With the edible photograph of your choice imprinted on the cake, this cake is the perfect choice for making your loved one’s occasion a lot more special. 

So, these were the different types of cakes that you can find on Bakingo. All these cakes are available in different mouth-watering flavours like Butterscotch cakes, Vanilla cakes, Chocolate cakes, Pineapple cakes, Oreo cakes, Mango cakes, Kitkat cakes, Ferrero Rocher cakes, Red Velvet cakes, Strawberry cakes, Rose Gulkand cakes, and many more different cakes in amazing flavours, you can go for which so ever you want according to your taste. Head on straight to Bakingo and enjoy our yummilicious range of cakes.