How to maximize your product sampling campaign

It is simple to see why product sampling, which many sampling companies help, has become so crucial for brands. People prefer to taste something before they buy, after all. It must be well-planned to ensure that sampling programs are reaching the company’s goals spread out by sampling companies like Samplrr and focusing on the right demographic. In light of this, keep reading to learn some helpful advice and strategies we employ in our sampling programs to impress customers, like giving out free sample products.

Product sample programs are a simple and quick approach for retailers and brands to improve the number of product reviews for both existing and new products. They are helpful for products of just about any size, including those as large as baggage and other large items, and enable companies and retailers to gather many consumer reviews quickly.

A few of them are :

01: Describe what you want to achieve.

You can expand your audience, introduce a novel product, revitalize your brand, or alter people’s attitudes. There is only a single place to start, and that is by establishing precise goals and KPIs that can direct the sample campaign’s strategic and artistic course.

02: Pick the appropriate samples

The term “the perfect serving” is frequently used when discussing liquid samples. To give customers the entire experience of the goods with excellent service is crucial, and rightfully so. The pleasure of trying the item, possibly for the first time, is enhanced by ensuring the sample is iced, garnished, or in a customized sampling cup.

03: Recognize your target market.

The only way to communicate with your intended audience in a way that will be meaningful to them is to demonstrate an understanding of them and to reach out to them at the appropriate time and place. Researching the core customer and their purchasing patterns is essential throughout the planning process since it will help to clarify the “where” and the “why.”

04: Choose the proper timing.

It’s okay to wait till your product is sold in stores before offering samples. You might wish to do this as the launch date approaches. Consider the season and any related products at this time; for instance, ice cream is best tried in the summertime and Baileys around Christmas.

05: Interactive art displays

The likelihood that customers will be lured to the activity will rise with an interactive installation. The easiest method to attract customers who might otherwise pass by your stand is to make it visually appealing. The Alpro Plant House we developed in 2019 serves as an illustration. This exhibit featured a variety of plants as well as ingredients that were growing inside to illustrate Alpro’s love for plant-based components visually. Around several weekends, it was erected in shopping centers all over the nation. Customers could sample Alpro’s delectable Unsweetened line from the installation’s taste bar, choose from various plant-based toppings, and learn about new Alpro creations.

06: Brand spokesman

The team on the ground is frequently the aspect that agencies, especially those without an internal personnel role, overlook the most. Promoting personnel is essential for conveying vital messages clearly and promptly, as well as for increasing sample quantities and maintaining product quality. This is undoubtedly among the most crucial components in successfully executing a sampling program laid out by sampling companies. Purity Staffing supplies our campaigns with seasoned brand ambassadors who are accustomed to the demands and rigors of tasks that necessitate them to stand for extended periods, hit high numbers, and maintain a motivated and upbeat persona.

07: Direct attention to consumers

This year, non-traditional sampling via Direct to Consumer means has increased due to recent constraints. With Deliveroo Editions and Ice-Breaker beer, Purity ran a sample campaign in April during Lockdown 1.0. Customers could receive a complimentary bottle of cold Ice-Breaker with their takeout order. This sampling technique efficiently reaches consumers at home with their free sample products.

08: Make sure you have that upbeat vibe.

Positive word-of-mouth about your company will spread thanks to a playful and enjoyable experience that will spark engagement. Whenever there is a pleasurable interaction surrounding a sample, customers are more inclined to recall trying it.

09: Make use of all of your senses

All of the senses are involved in the most unforgettable product sample campaigns. To test free sample products, consider combining touch, taste, vision, flavor, and sound.

10: Think about modern vending machines

From Ben & Jerry’s to Coca-Cola, we observe several brands employ this. The devices provide customers with less touch with workers using gestures and facial recognition technology, which may provide some comfort to customers at this time. Sampling companies give out freebies or free sample products.