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Things to keep in mind before buying a prayer rug for yourself.

Spirituality is a part of you! It makes you the person you are and shapes your personality in a better way. That is why most of you are so obsessed and inspired by religion and spirituality and tend to take all your decisions according to these factors. Naturally, when these factors are so important to you, all the things related to religion and spirituality is essential for you as well. Whether it is keeping the holy books with utmost respect and care or choosing the prayer rugs for your prayers, you tend to take special care when considering these factors. Today, we are especially talking about selecting the prayer rugs for yourself. We know you consider a lot of things when buying this prayer rugs for yourself. But for some essential factors that you shouldn’t miss, keep reading.

  • The size of the prayer rug – If you are a very religious person, you tend to spend a lot of time praying. So, ensure that the size of the prayer rug that you are choosing is quiet sufficient for you to sit and spend ample amount of time on it. Naturally, when the prayer rug is smaller in size, and you can’t fit on it and this disturbs you while you are spending some spiritual time on it. That is why we suggest you to check the signs of the prayer rugs before buying them.
  • The material of the prayer rugs – Both the exterior and the materials used inside the  prayer rugs are important things to consider when buying them. Since you are going to stay on it for long, you just don’t want to spend that time on a fabric that causes skin rashes or is uncomfortable to sit on. We think cotton is the best material to consider for the prayer rugs. But if you stay in a colder region, even velvet is fine choice amongst silk and nylon.
  • The thickness of the prayer rugs – Next, think how thick you want the prayer rugs to be! You can pick the softest prayer rug in the market with two to three inches of thickness or simply opt for the thinnest rug for your secret spiritual time alone. Here the decision is solely yours and subjective to how you wish to spend your religious moments on the rug! 
  • The design on the prayer rugs – It is but natural to pick a design that is pleasing to the eyes. But obviously, you won’t want to spend on a rug that would distract you from your spiritual prayers and religious time with your creator. So, pick the design of the prayer rug very carefully. Some of you like the ones with natural figures over it and some of you go for geometrical lines and abstract designs. All of these are OK if you like your rugs to be in that form.

Some of you like the prayer rugs not for religious purposes, but just as a decorative item in your home. Even in this condition, you can consider the above pointers before buying them.