Top five blockers of a cloud migration


Organizations of all sizes are rapidly transitioning their technology ecosystem into the Cloud to become more competitive and encourage innovation while simultaneously saving costs under the Cloud consulting service

However, to become cloud-friendly, it is essential to avoid pitfalls that can be highly detrimental to the business’s growth prospects under the DevOps consulting company.


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Let us explore the top five mistakes in cloud migration that every organization must avoid at all costs.

Migrating the wrong applications

The essential step that can go wrong in a cloud migration journey is failing to identify the right candidate for migration under the Cloud consulting service. 

The solution is to evaluate and assess each application in an enterprise’s technology landscape and identify and prioritize the right candidate and order of succession to the Cloud under the DevOps consulting company. The prioritization may be based on criticality, maintenance cost on-premises, business growth, etc.

Unfair cost judgments

  • While prioritizing applications for cloud migration based on costs, it is essential to consider the more significant implications of migrating an application to the Cloud under the Cloud consulting service. 
  • There will be costs for vendor support, application re-engineering or configuration changes, delivery optimization efforts, training, upskilling staff, and more under the DevOps consulting company.
  • The migration employs itself will be a relatively tricky endeavor. There may be disruptions in business if there is poor planning during the training. 
  • Enterprises must observe such possibilities and assess whether their IT budgets can accommodate the measure of migration thus planned under the Cloud consulting service.
  • It is advisable first to research and market study how different enterprise applications fare on the Cloud, especially for businesses with similar interests under the DevOps consulting company. 
  • This knowledge estimates the effort needed to migrate various applications; subsequently, their costs can be calculated under the Cloud consulting service. You should begin the migration process when the proper budget constraints are satisfied.

Ignoring data security

Organizations in a digital economy like ours deal with massive volumes of data, especially confidential and sensitive customer data, under the Cloud consulting service.

Security is essential when moving their customer-facing digital assets to the Cloud. It is necessary to leverage best practices in secure data movement and conduct penetration testing of applications re-engineered for deployment in cloud environments under the DevOps consulting company.

Additionally, enterprise guarantee that the cloud service provider (CSP) they chose for different needs has its defense mechanisms deployed under the Cloud consulting service.


Application re-engineering and modifications

  • When migrating to the Cloud, most devise applications may find their current configurations to hinder flexibility. It could be due to an antiquated technology stack, unsupported communication protocols, or inefficient API configurations under the Cloud consulting service. 
  • While we have affected this feature as part of other mistakes, application re-engineering deserves its spot in the list of errors to avoid under the DevOps consulting company.
  • While moving to the Cloud, enterprises must assess their applications for cloud preparation. If required, they must be maintained or re-engineered to weed out inefficiencies and empower them to utilize the dynamics and measurability of the Cloud entirely, or in other words, transition into an indeed SaaS application under the Cloud consulting service.

Poor strategic planning

Every business must work as a tech company at its core in the era of rapid digitization. But unfortunately, many organizations do not have the specialized skills or knowledge to manage their cloud migrations under the DevOps consulting company. 

Lack of strategic planning is why most other mistakes happen during cloud migration.

The need for a strategic roadmap can derail even the most minor migration movement. From controlling the type of Cloud to estimating costs, the deficiency of knowledge about cloud migration can obstruct organizations from making the most profitable decisions for their technology investments under the Cloud consulting service.

Big bang method

  • One of the top blockers for cloud migrations not achieving their required targets is that organizations start migrating heavy workloads at once. 
  • IT leadership has quite recently appreciated that with the Cloud, a straightforward option would be to carry out cloud migration projects in phases under the Cloud consulting service. 
  • The more straightforward petitions will go first, and an architectural review on what option would be best suitable for new petitions under the DevOps consulting company.

Process management

  • More often than not, your procedures are more focused on our on-premise framework. The challenge in addressing cloud-related issues lies in modernizing your process books under the DevOps consulting company. 
  • Process change also means one has to change the culture. The method of allocating a considerable number of resources to VMs and then not using them for a long time often directs to cash burn under the Cloud consulting service.
  • It supports teams that should be trained on the importance of cost management. By building standardized stacks and proper utilization monitoring, one can run cloud operations with the least possible cost under the Cloud consulting service.